After many years of working together Anne Cannan and Miquel Compte, manager of Clos Figueras in the Priorat, decided to combine their expertise and produce a range of wines from the Montsant appellation that surrounds the celebrated Priorat region.


Viticulture is in the hands of Miquel and the processing is in the hands of Anne. 

Miquel’s vineyards are in Falset (DO Montsant) and he has planted Garnacha Blanca and Garnacha Tinta.

DO Montsant

In the Montsant territory, with 1,900 hectares and a global production of 5 million bottles, we are faithful to the quality and uniqueness of the product, and its link with the territory. The seed of this differentiation is the commitment to native varieties.

The DO Montsant wines are the fruit of a centuries-old tradition and current academic knowledge. They are handcrafted products, in which the hand of man intervenes in the whole process of elaboration, a process that is the result of an inalienable balance between the vineyard and the winery. The vine grower takes great care of the vineyard to bequeath the winemaker with the best grapes, the ones that allow the creation of wines appreciated all over the world.


Red Poblets del Montsant

White Poblets del Montsant