Vermut Forget Me Not

Red Forget Me Not Vermut

It is well known that herbal wines go back to the Greek and Roman times, but it was not until the 16th century that the word "Wermuth" appeared for the first time in Bavaria. In the seventeenth century the Vermouth is understood to have medicinal qualities. As of the 18th century, the production and popularity of Vermut increased exponentially. The region of Reus in Catalonia has been famous for Vermouth for more than a century.

Our selection is made from the best red wines of the Montsant region infused with the aromatic plants of the surrounding mountains.

This Vermouth is composed of Garnacha Negra and Carinyena, after the fermentation is pressed and allowed to infuse with aromatic herbs for 60 days. The aging is 18 months in barrels of 500L after being fortified up to 16% Vol.

Dark red color for being made with red wine. Intense nose, with touches of species such as nutmeg, cinnamon, there are also citrus aromas such as orange peel and pleasant notes of aromatic Mediterranean herbs such as thyme, fennel, rosemary. In the mouth, it is not excessively sweet, good acidity, pleasant memory of sweet spices and dried fruit. Balanced, complex, elegant, long with a slightly bitter but not aggressive finish.

Ideal as an appetizer with chips, anchovies, olives, local almonds ...